Thursday, February 24, 2011

Colorfull envelope clutch

 Welcome Spring! ^_~

i'm going to upload it to Gadis-magz, too bad they ask 500kb max resolution, i'ii have to resize it back home. I'll upload it later to Gadis-Magz.



Just a quick up date
practicing Zachte hijab style from FiMiNin

Berhasil membuat muka terlihat lebih panjang Yaiiy.. alhamdulillah ;)

felt frenzy trois - mr/mrs. owl ? you decide ^_^

i use it on my cellphone
sorry for the bad picture resolution  -__-a

Oh.. and i win Hayano Handmade Giveaway, i'm going to get the Momma pouch.. Yaiiiy ^_* alhamdulillah... Thanks Hayano Handmade

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a Mustache or Redlicious Lips?

Assalamualaikum Dear Peeps..
Postingan hari ini tentang Hayano Handmade {lagi!} giveaway. kalo baca posting yg sebelum ini, kalian pasti tau deh blog Hayano Handmade.. kan kan kan? hehehehe (semoga kalian jumped in to that blog and enjoy as much as i did). 

Kenapa a mustache or redlicious lips? karena giveawaynya dua pouch cantik ini
Cute Eh? Whoa.. pengeenn (drooollling . upss... teehee)
and FYI, Retno (founder Hayano Handmade) bener detail buatnya, bagian dalam pouchnya juga dikasih flowery and full color pattern fabric lho... sooo exclusive gurls. kalo kalian penasaran... lihat aja giveawaynya disini or klik my button tentang giveaway ini diatas okey ^_*

o yeah i also drolling for the pencil case with traditional pattern and Raccoon (or Owl? i'm not sure) sleep mask. Adorable.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Wish I Could Sew and Now I Envy You

Assalamualaikum universe ;)

Wooohooo that would be the longest title i write so far :)
ok now what on one point is that long-long title refer to....? i'll tell you. well i've been blogwalking and being a silent reader lately. i jump one blog to another, and i stumble on these 2 cute carfty blog. oo they're soo creative. Well i haven't read much frankly, but so far it's sooo eye candying ( Err??? is there such a word? eye candying? huhuhu nevermind, u know my english is bad, my bad.. : 3 and i'm sure u'll get my point ;p ) okey literally i enjoy they're post about creative crafty etc. (Stop that gurgle DeYa n tell them who they are!!!).

They are Hayano Handmade and Ucreate ( do a peek on they blog if u dont mind peeps ;D ). Ahhh and they both run a giveaway for this fully pinky month. I'd like to join it (yeahhh! Uh-oh i hope u dont think that i such a giveaway junkie.. uuhmm nononono) but i'll save it for the next post okey hihihihi, bye now.. have a blast week ahead peeps.. oh! and happy lunar year people (better late than never)